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Ways to Calm Your Animals

We all love our animals whether it is a horse , dog , or cat. 
We know that every once in awhile our animals need to be loved after giving out all the LOVE day after day to us humans.

First how you speak to your animal: 1.When you are giving them praise raise your tone. 2. When you want a command done lower your voice. 3. When it is calm time just use your normal tone.
Love Your Pets!


Confident K9 was formulated for dogs who struggle with being alone. This blend helps to promote relaxation, support confidence, and soothe worry. For behavioral issues ranging from excessive barking or shaking to chewing on belongings or clawing at your front door, Confident K9 can help.

Happy Trails was created to make traveling easier for your dogs and horses. Often times, our four-legged friends can experience motion sickness during travel. The scent of this blend is soothing to an upset stomach while also comforting to your animals so they stay calm and worry-free.

Show Ready was created to help maintain good health in your dogs and horses. Dogs and horses can become more susceptible to illness and disease during times of travel, stress, boarding for long periods of time, or exposure to unfamiliar animals. This blend utilizes essential oils to help support their immune system in order to help protect them from illness.

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"Our Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandma Loved to buy in bulk for her family."

Mom Bulk would like to return the same Blessing to all the families out there shopping for there families during these tough times.

Some jobless and barely making it, or essential workers risking there lives daily so we can put food on our tables, and enjoy life at home.

We are dedicated to several charities, our community, and local schools.

As a small business we rely on friendships from our customers and would like to grow to become a nationwide chain that helps the

American Family Shop and Spend more time with loved ones and Mom Bulk does the online shopping for you, or you can do it yourself.


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