Nourish & Protect Probiotic Day Cream - 1.7 oz  tube 25.00 x2
Probiotic Complex for Potent Antioxidant Protection. In the morning feed your skin right to help protect it against environmental aggressions. This lightly whipped nourishing cream specially formulated to offer potent antioxidant protection and nutrition with 100% natural probiotics and superfoods. Leaves your skin soft and glowing. Feed your skin with: acai berry, goji berry, vitamin C and E, green tea, shea butter and seaweed. Size: 1.7 fl. oz. jar, 50 ml jar
Replenish & Renew Probiotic Night Cream - 1.7 oz tube 25.00 x2
Probiotic Complex for skin oxygenation and renewal. Stressed skin will look dull and tired. At night switch from protection to intense repair mode. This ultra-caring cream helps your skin breath better for overnight renewal by feeding it healthy 100% natural probiotics and superfoods. Wake-up to a refreshed youthful complexion! Feed your skin with: shea butter, chia seeds, soy, seaweed, açai berry, green tea and olive oil. Size: 1.7 oz jar
Enrich & Infuse Daily Probiotic Serum - 1.5 oz tube 25.00 x 2
Probiotic Complex proven to support collagen production. Like a shot of nutrition, this silky serum is your skin's daily dietary supplement, infusing it with a complete range of essential nutrients: probiotics, vitamins, antioxidants, omegas, minerals. It is proven to boost collagen production for a visibly healthier, youthful appearance. Feed your skin with: olive oil, soy, vitamin B5, vitamin C, grape seed, green tea, caffeine Size: - 1.5 fl. oz, 44ml bottle
Clean & Detox Probiotic Face Scrub - 4.0 oz 18.00 x2
Probiotic Complex cleans and detoxifies from impurities and toxins Pollution, chemicals, allergens, and stress just to say a few, slow-down your skin natural process. Our scrub gently removes impurities and toxins to visibly improve skin tone, texture and clarity. Biodegradable exfoliants detox your skin while preserving its natural balance to reveal fresh brighter smooth skin. Feed your skin with: soy, oat, willow bark and rosehip oil. Size: 4.0 fl. oz tube, 118 ml
Restore and Nurture Probiotic Body Lotion - 11 oz tube 25.00 x 2
Probiotic Complex restores and nurtures for lasting hydration. This nourishing, non-greasy, non-sticky body lotion feeds your skin with 100% natural probiotics and superfoods. This natural formula boosts skin hydration while strengthening its natural protective barrier, locking in moisture. Absorbs quickly and leaves skin supple and soft. Feed your skin with: shea butter, colloidal oatmeal, kukui oil and raspberry. Size: 11 oz tube, 325 mL tube


BIOMILK Probiotic Skincare- The Five Piece Friend Set For Two

SKU: BIOMILK Probiotic Skincare Five Piece 2x
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