High quality AirLife disposable aerosol mask made from high-grade  resins. Feathered and flash free edges and ports provide cool,  lightweight comfort and reduces irritation points.

  • Wide elastic band  with interlocking tabs prevents roll and provides patient comfort

  • Made from high-grade resins

  • Feathered and flash free edges reduce irritation points

  • Designed for anatomical compatibility

  • Child-friendly dragon face on  mask encourages compliance
  • Latex-free

Dragon Mask (Pediatric)


    "Our Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandma Loved to buy in bulk for her family."


    This was something to be grateful for during our younger life when we could barely afford food on the table our Dad going to college and working two jobs.

    Mom Bulk would like to return the same Blessing to all the families out there shopping for there families during these tough times.

    Some jobless and barely making it, or essential workers risking there lives daily so we can put food on our tables, and enjoy life at home.

    We are dedicated to several charities, our community, and local schools.

    As a small business we rely on friendships from our customers and would like to grow to become a nationwide chain that helps the American Family Shop and Spend more time with loved ones and Mom Bulk does the online shopping for you.


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