Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwiches - For Adventurers and Space!Great for Camping and HikingMountain House's Freeze-Dried Ice Cream Sandwich allows you to enjoy real ice cream without needing a freezer. Sound too good to be true? We can assure you it's no joke - our ice cream sandwich features delicious, creamy freeze-dried vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate cookes for a delicious treat that can be enjoyed anywhere. And best of all? It's ready to eat straight from the pouch - no water or waiting required!Is This a Real Space Ice Cream Sandwich?Yes, this is the same famous ice cream you've heard about! But did you know that this space ice cream never actually went to outer space? It's sad but true. The likely story is that while space freeze-dried ice cream was really made and tested for space, it was ultimately deemed too crumbly to eat in the spaceship.Whether you're traveling to outer space or taking the kids on their very first camping trip, the legendary Mountain House Freeze-Dried Ice Cream Sandwich will satisfy your sweet tooth.Treat yourself to a sweet morsel on your next adventure on this planet or on another - we promise you won't be disappointed!

Ice Cream Sandwich 6-Pack/Case

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